Release Notes

Changes between 1.1 and 1.2

DeskTop Enhancements

  • Current day/time shown on right side of menu bar, if system has a clock. (#7, #142)
  • Up to 13 volumes are shown on the desktop (was 10). (#20)
  • Windows restored when DeskTop is relaunched. (#210)
  • Drag "unlimited" number of icons (was 20). (#18)
  • Dragging files to same volume moves instead of copies; hold Open-Apple while dragging to force copy. (#8)
  • Menu bar menus are now drop-down in addition to pull-down. (#104)
  • Add Special > Check Drive command to refresh a single drive. (#97)
  • Reorganized/renamed several menu items. (#13)
  • New file type icons: graphics, AppleWorks, relocatable, command, IIgs-specific, and DAs. (#105)
  • Desktop icon shown for AppleTalk file shares. (#88)
  • Improvements to several existing icon bitmaps. (#74)
  • Icons for volumes positioned more predictably and sensibly. (#94)
  • AppleWorks filenames are shown with correct case. (#179)
  • GS/OS filenames (supported by ProDOS 2.5) are shown with correct case. (#64)
  • Tip about skipping copy to RAMCard is shown during startup. (#140)
  • Holding Open-Apple while double-clicking or using File>Open closes parent folder. (#9)
  • Apple-` or Apple-Tab keypress cycles through open windows. (#143)
  • Apple-Delete deletes selected files. (#150)
  • File > Get Info command shows Aux Type for files. (#148)
  • ProDOS 2.5 extended dates (through year 2923) are supported. (#169)
  • File > New Folder scrolls the new folder icon into view. (#16)
  • If present, BASIS.SYSTEM is used to launch unknown file types. (#40)
  • Use standard ProDOS alert tone.
  • File modification time-of-day is shown in file lists and File > Get Info. (#221)

Desk Accessory Enhancements

  • Up to 12 Desk Accessories are shown in the menu (was 8). (#90)
  • Desk accessory files can be executed directly. (#101)
  • Desk accessory files with high bit in aux-type set are hidden in Apple menu. (#102)
  • Show Text File DA: Keyboard support. Escape quits, arrows scroll. (#4)
  • Apple menu can contain directories, which launch windows. (#209)

Additional Desk Accessories

  • This Apple
    • Gives details about the computer, expanded memory, and what's in each slot. (#29)
  • Control Panel
    • Allows editing the desktop pattern (#31), double-click speed (#2), insertion point blink speed. Also shows joystick calibration. (#72)
  • Run Basic Here
    • Launch BASIC.SYSTEM with PREFIX set to the current window's pathname. (#42)
  • Key Caps
    • Shows an on-screen keyboard map and indicates which key is pressed.
  • Screen Dump
    • Dumps a screenshot to an ImageWriter II attached to a Super Serial Card in Slot 1. (#46)
  • Eyes
    • Eyes that follow the mouse. (#53)
  • Flying Toasters
    • Homage to the classic After Dark screen saver by Jack Eastman. More to come. (#27)
  • System Speed
    • Enable/disable built-in and some popular add-on system accelerators. (#26)
  • Find Files
    • Search a directory and descendants for filenames. Use ? and * as wildcards. (#21)

Note Desk Accessories from 1.2 will not work with older versions of Apple II DeskTop/MouseDesk, due to dependence on new APIs.

The former Show Text File DA is now part of automatic preview functionality (see below).

File Preview

Text, Graphics and Font files with the correct file types can be previewed without leaving DeskTop; select the file icon then select File > Open, or double-click the file icon.

  • Text files must be type TXT ($04).
  • Graphics files must be type FOT ($08), or BIN ($06) with specific aux type
    • BIN ($08) files:
      • Aux type $2000 or $4000 and 17 blocks are hi-res images.
      • Aux type $2000 or $4000 and 33 blocks are double hi-res images.
      • Aux type $5800 and 3 blocks are Minipix (Print Shop) images.
    • FOT ($08) files:
      • Aux type $4000 or $4001 are packed hi-res/double-hires images. (#107)
      • 17 block files are hi-res images.
      • 33 block files are double-hires images.
  • Font files must be type FNT ($07) and must be MGTK font resources. (This file type is officially reserved for Apple /// SOS font files, but unlikely to be confused.)

To preview files with other file types (e.g. a BIN file a text), you can copy the appropriate preview handler, e.g. SHOW.TEXT.FILE from the PREVIEW folder to the DESK.ACC folder, and restart DeskTop. To use them, select the file, then select the appropriate command from the Apple menu.

Notable Fixes

  • Date years 00-39 are treated as 2000-2039; years 100-127 are treated as 2000-2027. (#15)
  • Fix resource exhaustion when opening/closing many windows. (#19)
  • File > Quit returns to ProDOS 8 selector, and /RAM is reattached. (#3)
  • SELECTOR.LIST file created if missing. (#92)
  • Prevent crash after renaming volume. (#99)
  • Prevent crash with more than two volumes on a SmartPort interface. (#45)
  • Startup menu will include Slot 2. (#106)
  • Correct odd behavior for file type $08. (#103)
  • New Folder/Rename file dialog no longer truncated after IP. (#118)
  • Correct rendering issues with desktop volume icons. (#117, #152)
  • Prevent occasional rectangle drawn on desktop after window close. (#120)
  • Empty directories can be copied/moved. (#121)
  • Ctrl+Reset quits cleanly back to ProDOS (except buggy emulators). (#141)
  • Desk Accessories:
    • Date: Read-only on systems with a clock. On systems without a clock, date is saved for next session. (#30, #39)
    • Calculator: don't mis-paint when moved offscreen and other fixes. (#33, #34)
    • Sort Directory: don't need to click before sorting. (#17)
  • Hardware/Emulator Specific:
    • IIc Plus: don't spin slot 5 drives constantly. (Use Special > Check Drive) (#25)
    • Laser 128: avoid hangs checking SmartPort status. (Use Special > Check Drive) (#138)
    • IIgs: color DHR is re-enabled on exit. (#43)
    • IIgs: mono DHR is re-enabled when returning from system control panel. (#193)
    • Macintosh LC IIe Option Card: don't crash on startup. (#93)
    • Macintosh LC IIe Option Card: correct problems with interrupts affecting AppleTalk. (#129)
    • KEGS-based IIgs emulators no longer crash on startup. (#85)

Known Issues